Tienda Ti Mansion

Sea Salt (1kg)


Sold in 1kg vacuum packed bags. (Salt container sold separately)

Fine white artisanal salt unique to Ilocos Sur. Made painstakingly by hand following a long traditional process.

The Ilocanos have been going organic long before it became a worldwide trend. We have been widely known for our industriousness and thrift. Like many of our produce, our salt comes from a deep respect for nature’s gifts and honest toil from many hands.

Our salt comes from a long traditional process of pouring many buckets of saltwater onto the beach. When the water dries, the salted sand is gathered in a strainer and then subjected to more saltwater to dissolve the crystallized water in the sand. The runoff water is then carefully collected into a burnay jar and boiled over a clay stove for up to eight hours. This process removes the excess water. The reduced mixture is then poured into a basket to collect the salt. The remaining liquid drips down into a rope or bamboo stick which crystallizes and is added to the collection. The result is the purest salt one can ever get from the sea.