The Syquia Mansion is a wonderful example of bahay na bato architecture prevalent during the later Spanish Colonial Era. The typical structure consisted of a ground floor made of stone or brick and mortar with the upper floors of wood. No cement, no hollow blocks, no steel bars. No blueprints either. This mansion was built using a craftsman’s expert eye and traditional building materials.

The original structure was built in 1830 by the Ang Co family and was given as dowry by Justo Angco on his daughter Estefania’s marriage to Gregorio Syquia in 1875. Over time, Gregorio and Estefania added to and altered the mansion to fit their growing family, and so also did their descendants.

At present, the Syquia Mansion operates as a museum, displaying the architecture and significant family heirlooms and artifacts as testimony to the affluence of the family during the Spanish colonial era in the 19th century Philippines. The government recognized the heritage home as one of the oldest bahay na bato in the city of Vigan, a UNESCO World Heritage site. 

Syquia Mansion

1830 - 1878

The original structure was built in 1830 by Don Justo Angco.

In 1875, Don Justo Angco gave the house to his daughter, Estefania Angco as a dowry when she wed Gregorio Encarnacion Syquia. 

They couple had one child, Tomas Angco Syquia born in 1878.

Syquia Mansion

1901 - 1925

In 1910, Tomas Syquia married Concepcion Jimenez from Binondo, Manila. They were blessed with eight children Alicia, Petronila, Oscar, Cesar, Juan, Estefania, Hector and Margarita.

During this period, the house was extended twice. The first extension was the addition of the watchtower, the covered azotea and the servant’s quarters.  In 1910, the room of Tomas and Conching, the baby’s room and the room of the boys were added.  The dining room was also added to accommodate the numerous visitors that came to visit Tomas Syquia who ran for public office as governor of Ilocos Sur. 

In 1919, Tomas Syquia passed away and shortly after, Concepcion moved back to Manila with her children.

In 1931, Alicia Syquia, Tomas and Concepcion’s oldest child, married Congressman Elpidio Quirino and lived in the mansion for the next six years.  Congressman Quirino became the 6th President of the Republic of the Philippines in 1953.

Syquia Mansion

1931 - Present

Gregorio Syquia died in 1931 and the Mansion became a summer home of the family.  With only the servants living there full time, the mansion slowly went into disrepair. 

In 2002, the National Historical Institute restored the Syquia Mansion and declared it a Heritage House. It is now open to the public.

 In 2017, the Syquia Mansion Museum Foundation, Inc. was formed to manage the Syquia Mansion as a museum, continue the restoration of the structure, and document the art and artifacts inside the house.

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