Tienda Ti Mansion

Heirloom Rice


Red or Black Sold in 1kg. Vacuum Packed Bag

Indigenous rice passed down through the generations and was closely guarded by the Bagu tribe of upland Ilocos. Red rice is nutty in flavor, rich in fiber and nutrients. The grains are sun-dried, hand-milled and produced sustainably without fertilizers or pesticides making it rich in flavour and nutritional value.

Like precious seeds from generations long gone, our rice is a gift first sown by our ancestors, protected and passed down through the generations of the Bagu tribe from Alilem, Ilocos Sur.

Our rice is produced through open pollination free from fertilizers and pesticides. Only one crop is produced every year to preserve the soil. After planting, the seeds are handed over to the chieftain’s wife in a sacred ritual to ensure a good harvest.